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DCM Corporate is the leader in providing financial wellbeing solutions

…good for business, good for individuals, good for the economy. Increase productivity by helping your employees overcome the burden of debt and encouraging them to build wealth

Our purpose… Creating sustainable financial wellbeing for all

According to the Reserve bank, South Africans spend R78 out of each R100 servicing their debt, meaning they are left with only R22 out of every R100 for rent, food, clothing, water and lights, school fees and other expenses, leaving little for saving and unexpected expenses.

Employees in this position are less productive

We can assist you in improving productivity by determining the financial health of your employees and with this information we can assist you in taking the necessary steps to make improvements where required

DCM offers a unique, holistic solution, focusing on the key elements contributing to sustainable financial wellbeing impacting the following areas:

  • Reduction of garnishee orders
  • Prevention of garnishee orders
  • Improvement of over indebtedness levels

Our services include:

  • Garnishee order administration
  • Garnishee order prevention services
  • Financial wellness training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Debt counselling
  • Rescindment of court orders

How does this benefit your business?

  • We manage employees in critical debt
  • No additional administration burden on your payroll department
  • We address the root cause of credit problems
  • Less risk of labour instability caused by employee over indebtedness
  • Improved employee morale leading to better productivity and less absenteeism
  • Financial state of employees is stabilized and enhanced
  • Employees build asset value
  • Loan advances are reduced as employees start saving

Positive, measurable results achieved with DCM

Success Story – Care for iMali project implemented at Sibanye Gold. DCM Corporate’s intervention programme drastically reduces the level of employee over indebtedness.

20,642 Employees Trained

Employees don’t understand financial terminology, debt and its impact on their payslip. Financial literacy training provided by specialised consultants.

20,642 Budgets Done

Budget training provided to employees who did not know how to budget.

More than R1m saved

Employees vulnerable to unscrupulous lenders. 2,154 Emolument Attachment / Garnishee orders reduced.

Average instalment reduced by 49%

Critically indebted employees need immediate relief, 254 employees receiving debt counselling.

We have launched our new financial wellness division called Magni-fi.

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