Garnishee Orders audited and reduced

For many people garnishee orders come as a shock, when out of the blue, money starts to be deducted from their salary. Sadly, with the nature of the processes involved, clients are sometimes charged seemingly exorbitant costs and charges, without explanation.

As a result, one of the most important functions when administering garnishee orders is the auditing process, to ensure that everything is in order and above board.

Joe an employee with a national clothing retailer had a garnishee order in place, but the client ran into financial difficulties and requested an agreement to pay a lower amount, to which the attorneys agreed.

But a month later things took a turnabout when the attorneys not only charged the client penalty interest due to the lower payment, but also claimed that they had not given permission for the payment to be reduced.

DCM upon investigation, produced the necessary evidence and reversed the interest. Joe was overjoyed with the positive impact on his payslip.

“Thank you so much Janine. You are one of the few people who offers a best service ever by honouring your promises and giving back a prompt response.” – J. T

Make sure your garnishee order is legal and that you are not being overcharged