Delivering financial relief and empowerment for almost two decades

Miles of Smiles

Improving employee financial wellbeing is our number one priority.

DCM has been providing financial relief and empowerment to approximately 400 000 employees across South Africa for almost 2 decades. That is a lot of smiles! DCM Corporate services a large number of employer groups across South Africa with tailor made financial wellness solutions.  Employees who develop good financial habits are happier, more confident and more productive. Improving employee financial wellness and their wellbeing is our number one priority.

Primarily we help over-indebted consumers resolve their problem debt. We take into consideration that individuals need to have enough money for their daily living expenses, whilst servicing their debt, without negatively affecting their credit records. We take a holistic view working with all the industry stakeholders to ensure the best outcome for all.

We have launched our new financial wellness division called Magni-fi.

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